• POOL

1. All members must show their ID card upon entering the club.

2. Members are responsible for replacing lost ID cards for a fee of $5.

3. Members 18 years of age or older may bring in a guest for the fee of $20.


1. Lockers are available for daily use ONLY. Management is not responsible for items left overnight.

2. Lockers may be rented for $10 month.

3. Children are not permitted in the locker rooms at any time.


1. Athletic shoes are required in all fitness areas. NO open toe shoes are allowed in strength and cardio rooms. No black soled shoes in group fitness area.

2. Please wipe down equipment after each use and replace all free weights.

3. No one under 18 is permitted in the Fitness Center.


1. Showers are required prior to entering the pool.

2. No diving permitted.

3. Everyone is required to wear a swim cap.

4. Anyone with a heart condition, high blood pressure, who is pregnant, or any other metabolic or serious medical condition should refrain from using the sauna/steam rooms.

5. Glassware, food and beverages (other than water) are not permitted in the pool area.

6. The pool closes 15 minutes prior to the club.


1. Members wishing to terminate their membership must give written notification by filling out the appropriate form at the club 30 days prior to billing date, as well as turning in their ID card and paying all past dues and fees associated with termination.

2. Medical suspensions may be granted upon the presentations of a doctor’s note with no fee. Regardless of time absent, a maximum of 6 months per year will be given as a medical suspension.

3. Termination of contract will be granted to annual members changing their permanent residence to 25 miles or more away from the club. Proof of new residence must be provided and the appropriate form must be filled out at the club 30 days prior to termination date requested, as well as turning in their ID card and paying all past dues and fees associated with termination.

4. Freeze policy: A $10 fee will apply to each month of freeze. Members may freeze their membership for minimum of (1) one month, and a maximum of (3) three months within (12) twelve month period. Maximum of 2 x per contract year.  Written notification by filling out the appropriate form at the club is required prior to the requested start date of the freeze.

5. During freeze or suspension, contracted monthly payments will continue for the number of months indicated on Member’s contract, and a time credit will be issued upon Member’s return. There is no retroactive refund of dues or retroactive time credits due to non-use of facilities. Time credits have no cash value and are not transferable. Any membership freezes due to non-medical reasons will be made at the discretion of management.


1. An adult must accompany all children under age eighteen (18).

2. Children who cannot swim the width of the pool unassisted MUST be accompanied by an adult in the water, within arms-reach, at all times.

3. All children using the pool who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper.

4. At the discretion of the lifeguard, children may be asked to leave the pool area.

5. No balls, water toys or floats may be brought into the pool.

6. Children under eighteen (18) years of age are not permitted in the fitness rooms.

7. Children are not permitted in locker rooms at any time.

8. There is a late pick-up fee of $20 for 1-15 minutes and $40 for 15-30 minutes from the end of the lesson.


1. Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the club.

2. Gum chewing, food, and beverages (other than water in non-glass containers) are not permitted in any area of the club other that the lobby area.

3. The club is not responsible for lost or stolen property.

4. Loud or abusive behavior will not be tolerated in any area of the club.

5. Any member not abiding by the rules and regulations will be required to leave the club and will have his/her membership terminated.

6. Bicycles, scooters, skates, and other wheeled toys are not permitted in the club.

7. No personal grooming is permitted in the sauna/steam rooms.

8. Cell phone use is not permitted.

9. Amendments to these rules and regulations may be made by the management from time to time (as such conditions warrant.)


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